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We are an exclusive members-only FEMDOM club.
We have an Adult entertainment service provider approval from Shinjuku Police Department Office.

System & Charge

1. Sign Up Membership
2. Booking
3. Confirm Reservation
4. Check In (Hotel near Sweet Devil's Office)
5. Session/Charge
6. Rule & Policy
7. Cancellation Policy
8. Business Hours /Contact Information

1. Membership

We are an exclusive members-only Femdom club. For the 1st time customer, we ask you to sign up membership.
Please go to the following link and pre-register for the membership.
We ask you simple questions such as your preference, there is no questions to ask your sensitive information. Simply you need to register on-line. Membership fees is 3000YEN, this membership fee will be charged before the first session. This membership will not expire. If you did not do pre-registration on-line, membership handling charge will be 5,000YEN.

2. Booking

Please fill out the registration form and email us to make your appointment at first. Please let our receptionist know the date you wish to have a session, whom you would like to have a session with.

Our service is by advance nominating reservation only. If you don't nomimate any mistress by yourself and leave a decision up to us, please let us know your favorite type of mistress. We would make a list of mistresses based on your opinion. Please choose the one from the list.

Email : info@sweet-devil.tv


For members: We take your appointment from 7 days prior to your session date.

Tentative appointment:

For members: We can take your appointment from 8 days prior to your session date.
For newly joined members: We can take your appointment from 7 days prior to your session date.

*No same-day appointment for the newly joined member due to the scheduling matter.

3. Confirm your reservation (by email or telephone)

Please contact us to confirm your appointment in a day before your session date, and also an hour before your session starts.

*If you make an anonymous phone call to us, we wouldn't answer your call. Please be forewarned.

4. Check In (Love Hotel near Sweet Devil's Office)

Our office is located near Seibu-Shinjuku line Shinjuku station north exit/ JR Yamanote-line Shin-Okubo Station.

For the first time customers, we recommend you to have a session in a love hotel(city hotel)* near our office. Use of a love hotel is very easy for us. It is not necessary for you to reserve a room of the hotel for the session. Our mistress escorts you from check-in to check-out. If you like to have a session in your hotel room, let us know the name of the hotel. If you are staying in the hotel in Shinjuku, Mistress can almost visit your hotel room. If you are staying in the hotel in other areas (such as Shibuya, Roppongi and so on), Mistress can visit your hotel room as the situation demands.

From the second time, If you request a session in other areas (such as Shibuya, Roppongi and so on), you may choose any hotels(love hotels and regular hotels). In that case, Taxi fees(round trip) for mistress will be charged. Please be advised from our receptionist.

*The hotel called "love hotel" or "city hotel" in Japan is a hotel for a session. There is the difference between a regular hotel and a love hotel in Japan. You can stay at a love hotel, but accommodation charge is distinguished from "the charge of short-time use".

Use of a love hotel is very easy for us. It is not necessary for you to reserve a room of the hotel for the session. When you enter the hotel with the mistress, you only choose a room and pay "the charge of short-time use" in advance at the reception desk. The love hotel price is vary, the average price of the short-time use is from 3,000YEN~8,000YEN, the hotel price is separated from session fee.

These are several love(city) hotels near our office that we can recommend.

Hotel location (Shinjuku-ku) Station
Charge (Rest)
Monbijou Hyakunin-cho JR-Shinokubo 5,500YEN~
Villa White Hyakunin-cho JR-Shinokubo 4,000YEN~
Forum Hyakunin-cho JR-Shinokubo 3,800YEN~
MALTA Kabuki-cho Seibu-Shinjuku 5,300YEN~
LISTO Kabuki-cho Seibu-Shinjuku 5,200YEN~
Hotel & Resort Bari-An Kabuki-cho Metro-Higashi-Shinjuku 6,800YEN~
LA PIA Kabuki-cho Seibu-Shinjuku 4,000YEN~

If you prefer BDSM style dungeon, the SM studio/hotel in Shinjuku or the SM hotel in Roppongi are the Real BDSM studio equipped with various BDSM tools. Please ask our receptionist for the detail.

If you can have a session with our mistress between 1pm-9pm weekdays, the cheepest hotel near our office is available for about 4,000YEN for a maximum of 180 minutes. There is no problem with its cleanliness and largeness, and facilities as a city hotel.

The hotels of east area of Kabuki-cho is out of walk-area. In that case, taxi fares are chareged.

Note: We do not own private studios or private dungeons for the session. This is strictly forbidden by Japanese Law. So we usually use a love hotel for a session.

5. Session/Charge

Membership fee Request fee(request for specific domina)
3,000YEN (only first time) 2,000YEN
Session fee
1 domina
2 dominas
3 dominas
last updeted on July/25/2008

If you wish over 340 mins session: Please ask our receptionist.

*Hotel room fee is not included. The room fee is vary upon your request, the room fee will be charged separately.

Request fee: 2,000YEN *Specific Domina or your preferred things

Scat option: 10,000YEN *Not all of our mistress can provide this service, please ask our receptionist.

Multiple Mistresses: The price shown above
(*1 domina : 10,000YEN for every extended 30 mins)
*2 dominas : 14,000YEN for every extended 30 mins
*3 dominas : 18,000YEN for every extended 30 mins

A minimum session time is 70mins. Extended session fee will be charged for every 30 mins. It will cost an extra 10,000YEN for 30mins.
Often we will not be able to accept your time extension request, due to the mistress' schedule. Please let us know if you wish to extend the session in advance.
If you wish special requests such as special costumes, session detail, please ask our receptionist.

In case of Request fee :

Request for choice of Mistress, or Request for choice of your preferred things

In case of No Request fee :

No choice of Mistress, or No choice of your preferred things

*You don't know whom you have a session with, until mistress come out. Mistress entirely have the option of doing which session, and Mistress may not accept your preferred things at all. We would recommend the option to sub to be a human guinea pig or a trial horse.

6. Rule & Policy

You Must Understand Our Rules and Policies

  1. No Sexual Intercourse (No topless, french kiss, oral sex, prostitutes or any kinds)
  2. No activity make our customer or mistresses in danger
  3. No activity to do with legal/illegal drug
  4. No activity violates copyrights, agency rights.
  5. No activity against Japanese Laws.
  6. No Photos/Movies/voice recording without our approval
  7. No Private session with our mistress, you may lose your membership by doing so.


We accept cash only.
Charge and Fee will be varied depends on your choice of session.

Please make a full payment to your mistress before the session starts.
For any questions you have, please contact us.

7. Cancellation Policy

There is no cancellation fee, but please let us know if you wish to cancel your session as soon as possible.

8. Business Hours/ Contact Information

  1. Business Hours Tuesday-Sunday 13:00-22:00 (We have every Monday off.)
  2. Please fill out new member registration application form in advance.
  3. Email : info@sweet-devil.tv (Inquiry and Booking, and Confirmation)
  4. TEL : 03-6906-5295 (Booking and Confirmation) *If you make an anonymous or public phone call to us, we wouldn't answer your call. Please be forewarned.