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Updated on 16th Dec 2015
Mistress Kaoruko's movie "The Excellent Foot Job"
Here's Mistress Kaoruko's Whips & Canes collection! If you would like her to use a number of the items at your session, please let us know that in advance. Thank you very much.
Updated on Oct 02 2021


Every Tuesday
Every Wednesday
Every Saturday
Every Sunday

If you request other days from listed above, please feel free in contacting us by email.

Email : info@sweet-devil.tv

We have every Monday off. And, if we get your email after our business hours, we would reply to you on the next day.

Nomination fee : 2,000YEN

Mistress Kaoruko provides Scat option service. She can provide Scat option to you 100% of the time.
If you wish for Scat option, please let us know your order by the day before the session.
Scat option fee : 10,000YEN

She has experience of providing severe corporal punishment. She has various types of canes.

If you would like to have a session with Mistess Kaoruko, please feel free to contact us by email.

Email : info@sweet-devil.tv

Foot length
B85cm W58cm H86cm
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Comments from Sweet Devil

We would recommend Mistress Kaoruko to you without hesitation. Kaoruko is a beautiful, tender, and winsome lady, but she becomes a very dominant mistress as quick as a wink, when she targets masochistic males.

She is not so much good at speaking English, but she has got a lot of experiences of dominatrix with non-Japanese and has several great skills. The one of her noteworthy skill is anal stimulation skill for male in particular. The almost no one can mimic it. You can get unexperienced multi-orgasms under her control. Other her great skill is "brown shower". You can make your secret dreams come true. If you wish to experience "Shibari" (Japanese bondage style) with "Asanawa"(Japanese rope), your wish will be realized.

She loves to discipline transvestite males very much, so you can behave like a real beautiful girl and can have a experience of femme lesbian SM as a lady. She will rape you with a strap-on dildo indecently. "Why don't you get fucked by Mistress Kaoruko? "

If you have any questions about Mistress Kaoruko, please feel free to contact us by phone.

TEL : 03-6906-5295


I have been a professional Mistress for 7 years, and I could have a lot of experiences in Femdom and learned a lot from my experiences of the BDSM. That is my real treasure. It will be a great plesure for me to have many wonderful sessions with many Submissives in the future.

I 'm very good at anal stimulation for the prostate. I will guarantee your ejaculation with my skills. I'm sorry if the stimulation is way intense for you.
I can make adjustment of Scat at a set time. It will be nice if you make a request for Scat by the day before. I can meet your expectations.

My favorite word is Total Subordination.
It's apparently believed that I 'm very strict in discipline and I 'm so hard on submissives, but the word "hard" implies physical and mental things in a lot of ways. It seems like there are many submissives who convince themself that they can only offer a little "soft" job to thier mistress.

I will pursue infinite possibilities of submissives in different ways and in the most appropriate way.