NEWImportant announcement from Mistress Wakako

Dear our members,

We have important news. Mistress Wakako has to quit Sweet Devil at the end of August to live overseas from September.

She has voluntarily refrained from BDSM sessions since the spread of the current coronavirus.

And, she decided to live abroad to develop her potential of her various abilities to its fullest.

She is specially going to have BDSM sessions with her regular members only in August.

She would like to meet members who had a session with her before, and say good-bye.

She doesnt have much time to have sessions because she has to prepare for her departure. So, we would like you to make early reservations.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

Message from Mistress Wakako

17:52 Aug 2nd 2020

NEWRevised Membership Registration Form

Dear our new members,

We reformed our membership registration form on 1st July..
It is easier for new members to registar to it.
Thank you very much.

13:00 Jul 1st 2020

NEWBusiness resumption

Dear our steady members all,

Thank you very much for a lot of inquiries again.
We are grateful for your kindness and encouragement!

Sweet Devil will resume our business from Saturday 6th June.

But we will be open only in the daytime for a while. It will be extended in phases.

Going forward, we will continue to place the highest priority on the health and safety of our members, and all the staff to diligently prevent infection.

We earnestly pray that our members will remain in good health.

Sincerely we look forward to continuing our relationship.

Respectfully yours,

From all the staff of SD

9:12 June 5th 2020

NEWDominatrix Benio's website : KALEIOSCOPISCH

20:00 May 23rd 2020

NEWGetting ready for business resumption

Dear our steady members all,

Thank you very much for a lot of inquiries.
We are grateful for your kindness and encouragement!
Sweet Devil was forced to refrain from doing business due to the coronavirus.
We are planning to restart our business as early as the end of this month or the beginning of next month.
It depends on lifting of the state of emergency.
We hope the government will lift the state of emergency soon.

Take care of yourself

19:00 May 20th 2020

NEWMistress Yukiko's schedule for March has been updated! 16:06 Feb 28th 2020

NEWMistress Kaede's schedule for this week has been updated! Please refer to Kaede's page! 19:25 Feb 26th 2020

NEW"Kinky Sexy Strapon by Mistress Benio" short video Please check our weblog "Devil's Penthouse"! 11:53 Feb 7th 2020

NEWThe Gathering in Memory of Mistress Dali

We will have a gathering in memory of Mistress Dali on Monday 24th February at a venue near our office in Shin-Okubo.

between 17:00 and 19:00

Admission fee(free drink and a bento are included ) :

for male : 10,000YEN
for female : 5,000YEN

limited to the first 15 people

Please email us by Sunday 16th February:

*We will give the condolence money to her relatives. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

12:03 Feb 7th 2020

NEWMistress Benio's schedule for February has been updated! Please refer to Benio's page! 10:25 Jan 31st 2020

NEW"Kinky training to a fetish slave for white gloves and bloomer by Mistress Kaoruko" short video Please check our weblog "Devil's Penthouse"! 11:08 Jan 21st 2020

NEWWe have an information regarding our reception hours.

Our reception hours will be change from next month.
Current reception hours are from 13:00 to 22:00.
It will be changed from 13:00 to 21:00.
The starting time of our reception will stay same.

*If we accept your appointment before 21:00 in advance, you can have a session after 21:00.
*If we get your inquiry after 21:00, we can respond it naxt day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards

10:35 Jan 21st 2020


NEWNew Mistress Yukiko !

New mistress Yukiko joined our club. We would specially arrange a double Mistress session at a single mistress fee for a limited time only.

Devote your body and soul for Yukiko to become a further wonderful Mistress!

She is available from Saturday 4th January!

12:00 Jan 1st 2020

NEWNew year's holiday Closing dates : Dec. 30th - Jan. 3rd

SD will be open from Saturday the 4th of January in the New Year. Thank you very much.

11:39 Dec 28th 2019

NEWMistress Wakako will be available in February next. Sorry for the inconvenience. 11:10 Dec 23rd 2019

NEWMistress Wakako's schedule for this week has been updated! 13:46 Dec 16th 2019

NEWMistress Benio in Hokkaido!

Mistress Benio is available on Sunday 25th and Monday 25th November in Sapporo-city. 13:28 Oct 15th 2019

NEWWe are temporarily closed due to the major typhoon to Japan today. Sorry for the inconvenience. 8:35 Oct 12th 2019

NEW"Ball Kicking alternative Part.1 and 2 by Mistress Wakako" short video Please check our weblog "Devil's Penthouse"! 11:48 Sep 6th 2019

NEW"Ball Kicking by Mistress Wakako" short video Please check our weblog "Devil's Penthouse"! 11:48 Aug 29th 2019