NEWYukiko's Schedule for March

8th Sunday 13:00-19:00
11th Wednesday 14:00-19:00
15thSunday 16th 13:00-19:00
18th Wednesday 14:00-19:00
20th Friday 14:00-21:00
NEW27th Friday 13:00-21:00
NEW29th Sunday 13:00-19:00

NEWThe double mistress Session featuring Mistress Yukiko at a single mistress session fee!

The session featuring a New Mistress, Yukiko!
She is available for a double mistress session for her study now. If you nominate the other Mistress and her, we can specially arrange a 70 mins double Mistress session including a new mistress under training at a single mistress session fee*. This special discount offer is for a limited time only. Take advantage of our special offer.

*Nomination fee for Yukiko(1,000YEN) will be chraged.

If you would like to have this session for more 100 mins, it will cost an extra 3,000YEN for 30mins for mistress Sayoko.

Please feel free in contacting us by Email.

Email :

We have every Monday off. If we get your email after our business hours, we would reply to you on the next day.


Nomination fee : 1,000YEN

Foot length
B85cm W63cm H86cm
NEWComments from Sweet Devil

New mistress Yukiko joined our club. She starts a career as mistress at SD, and she can have a double mistress as a training mistrsss..

Devote your body and soul for Hazuki to become a further wonderful Mistress!

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